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Jail and Bail 2007 : Director/Secretary Barb 'copper' Chwachka handles some difficult jailbirds. Oh look, our former chair is in jail with Arrow Lakes royalty. 

$3,295.59 !

Dora Day used all her wiles to try to get out of jail, Doreen Desrochers kept Larry Parkes company.  Doreen had a bake sale to saw her way out of jail - and it worked.  Arrowtarian Larry couldn't remember
all the truisms and had to stay in longer and longer

President Randy Thiessen is thrown in jail with the Arrow Lakes Ambassadors


Doreen Desrochers, Larry Parks and Dora Day with Sheriff Barb


2006 Jail and Bail : Free Duck !(Councillor Doug Switzer), Willi Jahnke, Octopus productions,  Anita Sinclair - fundraiser extrordinaire.

WE RAISED  $3,744.95 !!!!

Dan Nicholson, editor of Valley Voice, and our girl of the hour Anita with Ben Big Canoe. NACF Treasurer  Karen Hamling, Chair Randy Thiessen and Director Janet Royko were joined
by KSCU Manager Kathy Bone and her grandaughter and
grandson and look - there's Max!

Karen Hamling, Randy Thiessen, Kathy Bone, Janet Royko and delinquents.
School Board Chair Pattie Adam serves time with Anita Sinclair and our judge appears to be accepting graft !



Above - Patti Adam, Anita Sinclair & royal guests ! Below -
Ben Big Canoe, da judge & Christine Big Canoe. 








Christine Big Canoe bribes judge Bob Parkinson with a coffee to get her hubby Ben out of prison.



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